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The technical heart of the watch winder Maurizio Time has an MT MOVEMENT®a proprietary rotation system designed by our technical engineers.  

This system recreates the natural movement of the wrist.
The system has various TPD programs and winding directions, each product has these specifications.
The rotor has been studied with a new module, in this way remove and place the soft MT Watch Holder Cushion in leather is very easy.
All watch winders are suitable for every automatic watch, also for watches with a large housing diameter.

Module rotation with MT Cushion
Rendering internal mechanism MT MOVEMENT

You can place easily and quickly the MT Watch Holder Cushion with the watch back into the watch winder following the shape of the module.

Thanks to the shape and to the soft fine leathers of the MT Watch Holder Cushion, you do not ruin or damage your watch or strap.


All MT Watch Winders are usable to charge all automatic watches when they are not worn.

In this way,  your watch will always mark the right time, data, and other functions.


The MT MOVEMENT® Module has the possibility to select  Turns Per Day TPD.

The Turns Per Day is the number of rotations distributed throughout the day, in this way the internal spring of your watch remains active, without ruining the automatic movement, so it will increase the lifespan.

Every watch needs a determinate TPD.

The rotor starts for 12 hours with the selected TPD program. After that, the rotor stops for 12 hours "Sleep Phase", and then it will be starting again.



The MT MOVEMENT Module has the possibility to select 3 winding directions:

CW ( Clockwise);

CCW ( Counterclockwise);

CW + CCW (Alternate).

Every TPD program starts with a clockwise winding direction, but there is the possibility for every rotor to choose and change the winding direction.

In any case at the beginning of each TPD program and winding direction selected, there is always the “First Phase”, which does 90 seconds clockwise, then 90 seconds counterclockwise, and 120 seconds with alternate direction. This sequence is repeated every 24 hours. This phase simulates the real movement of the wrist.


Thank the LCD display, in some models, you can read constantly TPD and Winding Direction selected but also Time, and Temperature (°F).

Timetable functioning MT watch winder
Detail MT Watch Holder Cushion with Tudor.


  • Very quiet operating noise

  • Intelligent Software with sleep phase

  • Speed and direction of rotation freely selectable

  • Guaranteed number of rotations

  • Watch Holder for small and extra-large watches, adaptable for bracelets of all sizes

  • Made In Italy

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