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Watch Winder luxury MT Eiffel




Top view handmade watch winder


Mt Eiffel represents the realization of a double watch winder box with a unique design, drawing inspiration from Eiffel Tower, this automatic watch winder combines sophisticated features in a bold design of strong visual impact.

The various functions present in it:

  • Mt Movement is a proprietary rotation system.  The rotor has been studied with a new module, in this way remove and place the soft MT Watch Holder Cushion in leather is very easy, so that it’s suitable for all automatic watches, also with large diameter. We use Mabuchi Motor because is very silent and accurate;

  • 5 Programs TPD (650, 750, 850, 1000, 1900);

  • 3 Winding Directions CW (ClockWise)- CCW (CounterClockWise) -CW + CCW (Alternate).

  • Start-Stop System Automatically when you open/close the small door;

  • Motion Sensor;

  • Sleep Mode.

We have been inserted also 4 Led Lights Programs. The led lighting is a pleasant function for the comfort of your room, but also for your body and mind.