Product sales prices, shipping charges,  and payment methods are those shown on the Site and are in Euro.

Product sales prices do not include VAT and shipping charges, which shall be added to the total amount due. LA-RI  reserves the right to change the prices shown on the Site at any time. In no case shall LA-RI be liable for any price changes.


TAXES AND CUSTOMS DUTIES (only for deliveries outside the European Union)

Deliveries outside the European Union can be liable to taxes and customs duties as they arrive in your country; it is not possible to calculate them before, as they vary according to different countries. Please contact your local customs authority for further information.

This share chargeable to the receiver, if it is, will be cashed from the charged vector at the delivery.



For every purchase, LA-RI  will always issue the invoice, by using the data supplied from the customer in the proper order form; you will receive the invoice together with the goods.

The shipping costs are always chargeable to the customer. For Shipping Costs go to the link.