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We are very happy that you have chosen Maurizio Time as your Watch Winder brand.

The following online retailers carry our Watch Winders in their inventory.  If you have any question or need help placing an order, don’t hesitate to contact us.


If you are interested in carrying our product, please email us at We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note, this process can take 1-2 weeks.

If you would prefer to reach us by phone, please call (+39) 0424521420 .


We are pleased to announce that our brand is now on Ankorstore!

To welcome you to this new marketplace that will allow us to better manage wholesale orders, Ankorstore gives you a € 200 voucher to use for the purchase of our products with a minimum purchase of € 100.

With Ankorstore:

  • € 200 voucher valid only on the first order

  • Free delivery from 300 €

  • Minimum order of € 100

  • Payment in 30 or 60 days for some countries

With Ankorstore, you do not have to pay any commission, from now I recommend you to order directly from this platform! To use the € 300 voucher, contact me at by writing me your e-mail to be able to insert you as a long-time customer, then enter the code below when validating the order on Ankorstore:


We are excited about being a partner with Ankorstore, which empowers businesses and stores to prosper while increasing revenue!

What are you waiting for? See you soon on the platform!

Laura e Maurizio of Maurizio Time

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